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Nowhere will you feel so free like by us in Klec!

The family hotel is situated in a calm landscape of the nature reserve "Třeboňsko" , about  4 km east of the community Lomnice nad Lužnicí.

Nature resereve Třeboňsko is unique with its biosphere reserve. There are a lot of peatbogs, wet grounds, xerotherm biotops of sand dunes, wet meadows and agroecosystems in this area There are 460 fish-ponds in Třeboň basin and the forests cover 50% of the territory.

The beauty of this landscape is also designed by names of the fish-ponds - "The belief", "The love", "The hope" and "The goodwill".





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  Penzion U Kačerů
  Václav Kačer
  Klec 82,   PSČ 379 01
  Czech Republic

  tel: +420 603 527 434

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